ARCHER Logo Landscape"Okuma machine tools are world-class and leading-edge. The technology and software's functionality, flexibility, integration with CAM, safety assurance and reliability are unrivalled. At Archer Enterprises, we push the boundaries of our machine tools, we are pioneers in what we do and therefore need a partner that will help us find solutions along the way.

We purchased our first Okuma machine tool in 2007. Apart from the fact that Okuma technology is state-of-the-art and world-class, a major reason we chose Okuma is that Archer Enterprises is here for the long-term and we need to know that who we choose to partner today - will be here tomorrow and in 20 years. More than that, we need to know we can count on strong professional after sales service and support (mechanical/electrical/application), which is local, and we can rely on Okuma to be here in an hour if needed.

The commitment from Okuma to our long-term relationship is exceptional. In our relationship with Okuma, we're not only a customer of Okuma Australia, we're actually also a customer of Okuma Corporation Japan. Furthermore, the visibility of Okuma in our business on a day to day basis hasn't ceased – well after the initial sale back in 2007. They go the extra mile; it's nothing for Steve (NSW Branch Manager) to put on a pair of overalls and get his hands dirty to assist the Okuma service team deliver, install and commission, or service a machine tool. We're very happy we chose Okuma."

Russell Byrne
Operations Director
Archer Enterprises Pty Ltd




Bradken_Stacked_RGB"Bradken selected Okuma Australia to supply, install and commission a large integrated and automated pin and bush manufacturing cell in one of its manufacturing facilities in Brisbane, Queensland. The cell comprised an Okuma Macturn 550 lathe, a material handling robot and CNC/PLC controlled saw and heat treatment equipment.

Okuma Australia acted as the prime contractor for the project and successfully managed five key sub-contract equipment suppliers to deliver the project according to specification and on schedule. Technical support during contract execution was excellent and after-sales service and technical support continues to meet and exceed our expectations.

We have a number of Okuma installations throughout our numerous Australian facilities, which provide differentiated and reliable manufacturing capabilities. I would have no hesitation in recommending Okuma Australia for any turning or milling based machining application or integrated manufacturing cell development."

Keith Hannan
Engineering Manager, Rail Division



Engineered Components

engineered_components“We have been using Okuma machines since 1985. The company is a leader in the marketplace and has a longstanding reputation for manufacturing good quality machinery. Additionally, Okuma is always ahead of their competitors implementing innovative features in their new models.

We have used other well-known brands of machinery; however the Okuma Machines often outperformed their competitors.

Programming software in the controller is user friendly, allowing new users to quickly familiarise themselves with the machine’s operation. Sales, service and technical support queries are promptly dealt with, usually over the phone or with an on-site visit. Most spare parts, even for the older machines, are readily available ex stock, with next day delivery reducing downtime.

Overall Okuma Australia is a professionally managed company with knowledgeable and technically skilled staff.”


Adrian de Villiers
Managing Director
Engineered Components Pty. Ltd




hillier_engineering_logo"Hillier Engineering Services installed our first Okuma CNC Machine in 1992. It soon proved to be a great investment, that lead us to install another 4 Okuma machines over the years. All have an excellent track record with reliability, accuracy and performance that is a real credit to the quality, strength and performance of Okuma's products. Okuma's backup service has always been very prompt and reliable, this is extremely important to our business. Although Okuma machines are far from the cheapest on the market, they certainly pay for themselves over the years, as all of our Okuma's have had very little downtime and are still reliably performing to expectations."

To sum up our point of view of Okuma's.... "They are machines that just keep going!"

Ray Hillier
Managing Director
Hillier Engineering Services 



KH Equipment

kh_equipment“We know what we want but don’t always know how to get it. We rely on Okuma to help us find the right solution.

Two  or  four heads (working on projects) are definitely better than one!”

“The good thing about Okuma is that the support, technical information and training - is unlimited. I'm not Okuma’s biggest customer, but they make me feel like I am. Even the head guy from Japan visits me when he’s in town”.

Ken Horner
Managing Director
KH Equipment




ntd_engineering“We’ve been an Okuma client for 4 years now.  I'm glad we chose Okuma for their machine quality and reliability.  Okuma’s service is excellent and spare parts are easily accessed when needed.”

Nigel Marsland - General Manager
NTD Engineering



Numetric Manufacturing


"Numetric have over 30 CNC machines and they are not all OKUMA machines. I can only convey to you that I wish they were.

In the end we are a preferred OKUMA MACHINE customer because it ticks all of our boxes.

OKUMA machines are extremely well built by people who have thought how to manufacture a reliable, easy to use, and strong work horse.

OKUMA machines are not the cheapest on the market and if all you want is a cheap machine then maybe OKUMA is not right for you.   If you want a machine that is reliable for over twenty years and is as strong as a BULL then this could be up your ally.

They say business is not personal but when it comes to machines it is.  In most cases you will own your machine longer than you would own your home.

When I am quoting a large production job or a small jobbing job I feel I can quote with confidence.  In a changing world market this is an ace up our sleeve.

Good machines don't need to be sold they sell themselves.   This does apply to OKUMA."

Heath Tiver
Engineering Manager
Numetric Manufacturing