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Welcome to our Okuma video theatre.FilmPhoto

Okuma Australia and Okuma New Zealand are pleased to make a selection of Videos available about our business and about topics of interest that are in some way related to our Company or the products we sell.

We have obtained the permissions and right to feature these videos, images, names, locations, persons involved and the work that is visible on any machine in any video.  

These permissions do not imply ownership albeit as custodian of this website, copying, reproducing, use or removal of any data or video content from this website without written permission of Okuma Australia Pty Ltd is strictly prohibited.

At present, please enjoy our corporate video below. To view a selection of other videos, please visit this page on our site. 






If you would like more information about the video above or any of our other videos please call 1300 1 OKUMA or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..