In today’s competitive environment, industrial robots allow faster deliveries, cost reductions, improved customer satisfaction and ultimately healthier margins that can even provide the ability to bring prices down.

Okuma can facilitate the integration of robotic loading and unloading of materials to and from Okuma machine tools. 

Whatever your ideas for improvement in a rapidly changing global market; we would be pleased to discuss your concepts for Okuma Automation or Okuma Robotic implementation.

We have the solutions and can provide our expertise in advancing engineering operations.


Okuma Australia specialises in five (5) levels of Robotic machine loading/unloading and parts handling:

Okuma Roid Series

Okuma’ next-generation Armroid / Standroid systems include an articulated robot built inside the machine tool (no guarding required) that performs many functions, including part loading/unloading, tool changing, workpiece support and high-pressure coolant flushing.

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Semi-dedicated, portable proprietary system (RoboJob) for Lathes and Machining Centres for defined sized parts of up to 30kg per part.

OKUMA Australia & New Zealand are the exclusive distributors for RoboJob automation products.

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Dedicated Floor Robot Cell (FRC) designed specifically for our customer’s requirement for multiple parts handling of up to 100kg per part.

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High speed Overhead Gantry Loader (OGL) integrated with the machine for defined sized parts of 3 to 50kg per part.

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Fastems FMS Automated system

There is a wide range of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and robotic automation including manufacturing lines, gantry systems and production cells.  In addition to machine tool automation, we can facilitate the automation of auxiliary processes such as deburring and washing.

System size ranges from small, modular cells to tailored systems with deep process integration

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