Okuma continues to support our educational institutions.

A new Okuma CNC Lathe Model LB3000BMYCx1000 was installed at Swinburne Institute and the students are loving the experience!
"Okuma have made sure the install and training worked seamlessly. Their professionalism and depth of knowledge makes them the leaders in customer service. Thanks Okuma for providing us with a machine to enhance the student experience, and allow us to produce prototypes to a high level of accuracy and finish. We look forward to your ongoing support and business." Andrew Tarlinton, Manager, Technical Services - Design & Architecture - Faculty of Health Arts and Design.
DSC 7739 DSC 7734 DSC 7730

"It’s easy to learn control has allowed me to make high quality, industry standard prototype," James Chapman, Industrial design Student

DSC 7748  DSC 7725   DSC 7737