OKUMA-PAC – taking Okuma services to a new level

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For customers within Australia only, Okuma Australia Pty Ltd is proud to offer our customers our unique Service system; Okuma-PAC (Professional After Care).

Okuma-PAC has been developed based on learning’s identified in our extensive Customer Research; where we realised a need exists for tailored Service solutions. Okuma-PAC offers a Service system that can be tailored to particular business requirements whilst maintaining our basic principles of “12 months bottomless applications engineering support” and “lifetime support of all Okuma machines”.

Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, Okuma-PAC aims to deliver a specific range of services ideally suited to allow each customer the ability to gain maximum benefit from the investment they’ve made in high quality machinery from Okuma.

Okuma Australia appreciates that each customer’s site varies; with different challenges, requirements, machines, staff, experience, projects and so on. Okuma-PAC enables our Engineering staff to work closer with each customer taking these aspects into consideration.

Okuma-PAC also aims to foster positive bi-lateral communication, ensuring your business’ production is optimised.

We aim to be proactive and ensure your Okuma machines are maintained on a regular basis with flexible elements to suit each customer’s particular needs.

Okuma-PAC Delivers:

  • Tailored approach for individual business’ needs
  • Pro-active & Preventative Maintenance
  • Customised training programs
  • Customised service/travel rates applicable to each site
  • Individual professional case management
  • Strong cooperative outcomes


  • 12 months bottomless applications Engineering support from installation
  • Lifetime support of all Okuma machines
  • Phone support at no charge
  • Responsiveness to customer needs
  • Continuous and open communication
  • Delivering on what we promise

The key advantages that Okuma-PAC delivers to our Customers are:-

Preferential Agreement

Okuma Australia will agree to enter a site services “Preferential Agreement” as part of Okuma-PAC with our customer.

In this ‘pay as you go’ agreement, Okuma will deliver a Customer Site Services Plan and carry out all the works as agreed by the customer and/or recommended by Okuma on an annual basis.

These works will include:-

  • Routine and periodic Preventative maintenance as agreed by both parties with a view to the type of work done, general environment, materials used, demand cycle and own internal capacity etc.
  • Breakdown recovery and machine repairs for Electrical/Electronic and Mechanical machine faults
  • Operator, programmer, maintenance engineer or special needs training
  • Free receipt of regular technical advice bulletins
  • Access to the historical troubleshooting information
  • Automatic invitation to product seminars and technical workshops

Okuma Australia will be the first point of call for all services related matters as described in the Okuma-PAC offer. Okuma will work with approved contractors from time to time.


Opt in or Opt out choice

Our on-going support for ALL customers whether in or out of an Okuma-PAC preferential agreement, will remain our highest priority. Registration to join Okuma-PAC is via our website - after which we will contact you to commence the development of our tailor-made site plan.

12 Monthly renewable “Preferential Agreement”

At the end of 12 months or coincident with any new Okuma machine delivery Okuma-PAC can be reviewed and renewed without cost for a further 12 months.

Mutually developed “Site based” pro-active maintenance and repair program

Instead of only responding to occasional break downs that generally occur at the most inconvenient times due to insufficient maintenance planning - we will review, with our customers, the levels and intervals of preventative maintenance to develop the most optimised “up-time” plan for all Okuma machines installed at the site.

Flexible Labour Rate

Our base rate of $80 per HALF hour will apply for Okuma-PAC Customers with a sliding scale discount applied that reflects the number of Okuma Machines installed at the Customer’s site. The more Okuma machines purchased new from Okuma Australia (or their predecessors), the greater the discount. The maximum discount obtainable under an Okuma-PAC preferential agreement is 40% where there are greater than 20 machines that have all been purchased new from Okuma Australia (or their predecessors).

Machines that have been purchased on the second hand market will still be included in our overall support program however no discount is applicable on second hand machines. A mixed discount is possible and the resultant discount can easily be calculated by our services team.

For NON Okuma-PAC customers, our labour rate will become a flat $160 per hour (or part thereof) with a minimum of 1 Hour.

Variable and distance friendly travel fees (round trip)

Engineer’s travel by car <0.5 hr will be $50. For >0.5<1.0Hr will be $75 and for >1.0 hr the fee will be $100 as a maximum drivable fee. The travel rate applicable to each Customer will be stipulated in the Okuma-PAC agreement.

For NON Okuma PAC Customers, our travel fee by car will be $100.

Air travel and accommodation and living expenses (if applicable) will be billed as incurred as usual.

Our 12 month “Bottomless Applications Support” continues

A hallmark of Okuma Service is our Bottomless Applications Support that covers 12 months free-of-charge initial training, advice, top-up training, program troubleshooting, operation and general methods advice whenever a new machine is installed.

At the conclusion of the 12 months, our Okuma-PAC fee structures will apply.

Free Telephone Support

Okuma does not charge for telephone support. If we can’t resolve your issues by phone, we will know when it’s time to visit our customer.

Introduction of Case Management

Our services employees are most effective if they stick with the same service matter until it's closed out completely. Whilst this is an internal matter for Okuma, our customers will be advised who their Case Manager is, every time.

A change for our Services Team

Our Mechanical, Electrical and Applications Engineers will be attired in a common and identifiable manner with a new uniform.

Annual services review meetings will be held to ensure technical and procedural resolutions are correctly identified and executed by our national services team.

Factory training for engineers occurs on an annual basis.

New e-Commerce

ON-SITE completion of SWMS’s, Service sheets, pro-forma accounts and immediate access to the technical assistance and service libraries will be available to every engineer in due course.

Electronic storage of all service outcomes for future reference and efficiency will be stored that covers the issue, machine, engineer and time taken information.

Okuma Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Okuma Corporation, Japan. Our global objective is to satisfy our customers. We believe our Okuma-PAC program will assist our customers to maintain the highest levels of productivity and stay competitive in a global market whilst keeping their valuable equipment in first class order and condition.

Okuma-PAC Application

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