A key advantage to Okuma ownership is the single source supply of Machine and Control as signified by the Okuma corporate logo.

Okuma mainly employs our own Okuma OSP CNC system. So, for the decades we've been supplying long lasting machines around the globe, we've had a lifetime support policy and a real ability to actually deliver spare parts for our machines and controls.

It's also been our policy to hold significant spare parts of both mechanical (including main spindle sets) and changeover electrical parts and assemblies.

Our relationship with Fanuc is similar in that we have a product supply agreement with Fanuc to supply the Robocut EDM Wire machines (in Australia) and the local Fanuc capacity compliments our field activities for some limited number of Okuma machines that are optionally equipped with Fanuc CNC systems.

Again, it's important to know where you stand regarding support and spare parts when you invest in machinery expected to last for years and years.

For more information about our Spare Parts please call us on
1300 1 OKUMA (1300 1 65862) or email us.

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