Double Column Machining Centres

Double Column Machining Centres

Okuma introduced the first double-column machining center in 1964.  Providing the stability and power required to deliver super-sized precision, detail-oriented industries, including aerospace, electronics and automotive, rely on these monsters to deliver time and time again. We have over 215,000 square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to these large machines.  In fact, Okuma double-column machines are used to manufacture the parts for nearly all the other Okuma machines. If we rely on them, you can too.

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The MCR-A5CII is a high-speed double column machining center with compact auto loading/unloading attachments for true 5-sided machining in a compact footprint.


The Award-winning MCR-C double column machining center was created to meet the demand of heavy industries for high power, high torque and high productivity.


The Okuma MCR-BIII double column machining center provides five-face machining of parts in a single, economical and efficient setup. The ram-type head features a 40 hp (30 hp continuous) 4,000 rpm vertical spindle for powerful cutting and rigidity


The MCR-AF double column machining center is a space-saving, high-speed double column machining center that is ideal for medium to large die/mold and IT products.


The MCV-AII delivers smooth performance with the speed and power you expect from an Okuma double column machining center.

MCR-H (Hyper)

The MCR-H double column machining center is Linear motor drive & high speed double column machining center.