Double-Column Machining Centers (5-Sided Applications)

Double-Column Machining Centers (5-Sided Applications)

The MCR Series offers a full-line of double-column machining centers for 5-sided applications. Designed with auto attachment changers (AAC), this series provides a wide selection of work envelopes and spindle motor outputs. Large parts that require high accuracies demand to be cut on the MCR Series.

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The MCR-A5CII is a high-speed double column machining center with compact auto loading/unloading attachments for true 5-sided machining in a compact footprint.


The Okuma MCR-BIII double column machining center provides five-face machining of parts in a single, economical and efficient setup. The ram-type head features a 40 hp (30 hp continuous) 4,000 rpm vertical spindle for powerful cutting and rigidity


The Award-winning MCR-C double column machining center was created to meet the demand of heavy industries for high power, high torque and high productivity.

MCR-H (Hyper)

The MCR-H double column machining center is Linear motor drive & high speed double column machining center.