Kaneaki Takeichi, Senior Engineer in Okuma's Quality Assurance Division, received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon. On November 15, a ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, and afterward the recipients were honored by an audience with the Emperor at the Imperial Palace.

This award for Mr. Takeishi follows last year's "Contemporary Master Craftsman" award. Receipt of this award is an honor reflecting the high evaluation of Mr. Takeichi for his diligence in work and efforts to train the next generation of skilled craftsmen. 

In addition, Yoshiyuki Nakagawa, 1st Group Leader of the Manufacturing Department, was recognized with a 2004 Aichi Best Engineers "Master Craftsman of Aichi" award, and attended an awards ceremony at the Aichi Prefectural Government Office on November 5. Aichi Best Engineers Awards are given in the areas of machining, assembly, and repairs, and Mr. Nakagawa is the fourth Okuma employee to be so honored. 

Okuma will continue to work to produce many master craftsmen with high technical skills, while at the same time we endeavor to provide higher quality machines to our customers.