This “intelligent system that corrects geometric error on 5-axis machine tools and maintains their accuracy” is a system that enables 5-axis machine tools themselves to measure and correct geometric error and maintain high accuracy, based on the basic principle of 5-Axis Auto Tuning System.

The 5-Axis Auto Tuning System makes it easy for anyone to raise accuracies during 5-axis machining. It is a revolutionary function that lowers the threshold for 5-axis machining, improves part accuracy by expanding use of 5-axis machines, and contributes greatly to reducing lead time. 

Instituted with the aim of encouraging the development of mechanical engineering and industries in Japan, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal is awarded to recipients selected from the wide-ranging fields represented by all technical divisions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Okuma also received this prize in 2010 for Machining Navi and in 2002 for its Thermo-Friendly Concept intelligent technology.

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