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“After decades in which the industry was characterised by deterioration and negative reports.  It’s slowly beginning to look better.  To what do we owe this cautious upward trend?  One word:  automation.  More and more companies recognise that this is the inevitable future and are jumping on the wagon.  It seems logical to us, because who now says ‘no’ to an improvement of their efficiency, their flexibility and their output?

RoboJob 200i

For more than ten years now RoboJob has been helping companies to make the move from today to the future.  It’s going OK but we want to do better.  We don’t want to surrender our leading position in the world of automation.  So we’re also taking some bold steps forward.   We’re doing this by significantly expanding our product portfolio with new standard products including the Turn-Assist 200i.

The Turn-Assist 200i

With this new product we’re able to answer our customers’ demand for the use of a single automation on multiple CNC machines.  The new Turn-Assist 200i is our first ‘integrated’ model where the complete automation was constructed on one fixed frame.  The workpiece feed and removal, the robot, the operating console and the safety devices have been assembled on to one frame.  This offers the benefit of being able to move these automation units very easily from one CNC machine to another.  Using a pallet jack or forklift truck, the automation unit can be moved quickly and easily from one machine to the next so that you can set to work right away.

RoboJob Automation Available Now

The Turn-Assist 250

Turn Assist 250 Web

The Turn-Assist 250 is RoboJob’s top product. The Turn-Assist 250 can be equipped with a robot that can lift 12, 20, 35, 50 or even 70kg. This robot takes care of the workpiece loading and unloading of any lathe, lathe/milling combination or grinding machine. The easy-to-use interface allows you to automate your small and medium-sized series in just a few minutes.

  • For small and medium sized runs
  • Powered table for highest capacity on the smallest surface
  • For workpieces up to Ø250 mm
  • Robot payload: 12 - 20 - 35 - 50 - 70kg

For more information about RoboJob please contact 1300 1 OKUMA

Extract from RoboJob newsletter - EMO edition