West Australian precision engineering company SQP Engineering located at Bibra Lake is producing crafted CNC products capable of withstanding the toughest mining applications and meeting the standards of a variety of industries including the aeronautics industry. These are fields which require a degree of exactitude and precision which SQP confidently delivers on.

SQP Engineering is a proud family-run business founded by husband and wife team, David and Heidi Miller more than a decade ago. SQP takes its name from Service Quality Products and as such these qualities are present in every level of the business.“Providing high quality service and products is at the forefront of every aspect of the company from building relationships with customers and suppliers to manufacturing quality products using the latest low impact technologies,” said SQP’s Managing Director David Miller.


The provision of quality service is proudly expressed by SQP in interactions with customers during every step of the process. David Miller holds the strong belief that ‘service is in the detail’ and this is evident from situations as simple as a phone call to as complex as understanding how different grades of material will suit an application. SQP prides itself on its availability to answer questions and provide accurate updates so the customer is always in the loop and can be assured throughout the entire process that they are receiving a quality product to their exact specifications and vision. In all, this is the importance of building a strong relationship with both customers and suppliers, commented David.


From the aspect of quality David believes in the importance of strength in every link in the chain leading to investment in the latest high end machines and technology. “Our workshop is a networked streamlined automated operation requiring minimal staff to enable SQP to compete internationally with consistent high quality products manufactured to fine tolerance specifications every time,” said David Miller.

An important part of the company’s quality from day one has been the selection of the best machines available not only for their robust construction, high quality output but also for the backup service and technical expertise available to support the machines. David had experienced Okuma technologies earlier in his career and had been extremely impressed by their ability to deliver some of the highest high levels of service in the industry. Alongside the state-of-the-art technologies provided by Okuma, their dedication to service stands out and is an aspect in sync with David’s own expectations for quality business practice.

With this experience, when making his first major SQP investment, his natural instinct was to turn to Okuma. Hence a long and strong relationship has been built up with Okuma Australia over the last decade. Today SQP operates an extensive list of Okuma CNC lathes, vertical machine centres and FANUC robotics.
Today SQP Engineering covers a broad range of industries with a high percentage in the Mining and the Oil and Gas industries.  Additionally the company also services aeronautics, agriculture, marine and food industries, plus general engineering work operating up to 24 hours a day for long periods. It is here that automated solutions provided by Okuma are an invaluable resource. SQP specialises in CNC production machining, one-off samples, prototypes and large volume production and works with almost every material including plastics to synthetics to steel, aluminium, bronze and sometimes wood. Rare and hard to find materials not stocked in WA are also used to meet customers’ special requirements.

With a reputation for professionalism and excellent workmanship the company is heading towards more automated machines to allow increased productivity within the 24 hour operation.  Minimal staff and the introduction of robotics has been an important part of this objective. SQP also draws on the experience of Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) in the robotic automation industry to optimise the robotic application processes within the facility.
“Investment in more machines that look after themselves and investment in robotics will be the future allowing cost reductions to secure and maintain a competitive advantage,” said SQP’s Managing Director David Miller.

In addition to robotics automation, SQP is looking towards the future with regards to sustainable manufacturing. Seeing what has been achieved by the Okuma Dream Sites regarding automation and sustainability efforts has been another motivating factor in the lasting relationship with the brand. Managing Director, David Miller commented “One of the reasons SQP went with Okuma was that they had the same philosophy and direction we believed we should be heading with environmentally sustainable manufacturing.”

With a focus on minimal footprint manufacturing, L.E.D lighting is used throughout the SQP workshop and electrical reduction systems are in place to supply energy only when needed, ensuring optimised electrical energy usage. Additionally, energy costs are reduced by the use of solar panels which are capable of providing 100% solar power during the summer months.

SQP sees the importance of implementing low impact practices to achieve long term sustainability in manufacturing working closely with recyclers to combat materials such as plastics, raw material, carbides and long-life breakdown compounds ending up in landfill.

As industry increasingly seeks ways to reduce their environmental footprint, SQP is excited to lead this challenge, continuously looking to adopt new technologies and practices which allow for smarter and more sustainable manufacturing. Following the philosophy of the Okuma Dream Sites, SQP encourages its customers to tackle their production in an environmentally sustainable manner and is committed to providing a service which meets this need for low impact manufacturing.

SQP Engineering is a company keeping up with a strong demand from a broad customer base in a demanding environment and with the WA economy becoming more buoyant opening up exciting opportunities for expansion, there is an air of confidence going forward.