We proudly would like to announce that Mr. Hanaki, President and CEO of Okuma Corporation, was awarded the honor medal “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon” in the spring award ceremony after in the new Japanese era of “Reiwa” (2019).

This honor medal was given for his long-time contribution to the growth of machine tool industry and other industries and to benefit society through company’s activities.

The award ceremony was held by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on May 27th, Mr. Hanaki was awarded on behalf of all 212 award winners.

He met his majesty the Emperor on May 28th at Imperial Palace, Mr. Hanaki gave words of gratitude to the Emperor on behalf of all award winners who awarded various ministry and agency.


Message from Mr. Hanaki

I am deeply pleased and honored to receive this prestigious award.

Receipt of this award does not simply reflect on me personally, I’m very thankful for the guidance, patronage and full support which I have received from so many people and our customers of inside and outside Japan.

Special thanks go to our domestic and overseas employees who have been working together. I would like to share joy with you because this award is the recognition of your big effort to address.

I’m looking forward to continuing working together with all of you to be “the greatest ever MONOZUKURI” with this award.


The Medals of Honor are awarded by the Government of Japan to the persons who have significantly contributed to the society.

The Medal of Honor for Mr. Hanaki was awarded is the special medal for the distinguished achievement of the meritorious deed.

May 30, 2019

Administration Division, Okuma Corporation