Recently, Okuma Australia hosted an Okuma National Applications meeting in Melbourne.

Karl Corry, National Technology Manager, led this meeting with our 8 Okuma Applications Engineers from Australia and New Zealand.

High on the agenda for discussion was Okuma’s own Intelligent Technology including Okuma Connect Plan and Automation along with customer and Okuma Engineers’ training. 

As Okuma technologies advance exponentially it’s important for our engineers to be well trained.  Participation in collaboration session like this ensures we can implement and train our customer to achieve their best engineering outcomes.  This type of staff development will feature more regularly moving forward,” said Dean McCarroll, Managing Director, Okuma Australia + New Zealand.

From left to right: Karl Corry, National Technology Manager. Application Engineers; Guy Wallis (SA), John Baker (QLD), David Tuon (VIC), Paul Baker (NSW), Ian Cox (NZ), Justin Hodge (WA), Noel White (VIC)

A Technical Snapshot


Okuma Roid Series

The ARMROID is a "super fusion built-in robot" packaged in the machining chamber of a smart machine and lets operators use its "innovative robot operating system" to operate the robot with normal machine tool-like control without requiring teaching, to achieve innovative automation and productivity.


STANDROID, a simplified robot package that provides automation in high-mix low-/medium-volume production (HML/MV).  Easy robot operation and production tailored packages make it possible to improve the productivity of small and medium lots in non-stop work flows.


Okuma Connect Plan

Okuma’s Connect Plan is a system that provides analytics for improved utilization by connecting machine tools and visual control of factory operation results and machining records. 


Okuma Intelligent Technology

Okuma’s own next-generation intelligent technology is the cornerstone for intelligent machining infrastructure.  This supports high accuracy and high productivity, getting the best out of each machine with no thermal deformation, no collisions, no chatter, and automatic adjustment to the best cutting conditions.