In a world where innovation and continuous learning are the keys to success, the Okuma Applications Team from Australia and New Zealand showcased their commitment to excellence with a one-week immersive hands-on training course at Okuma Corporation, Japan.

Recently, our team of ten dedicated individuals travelled to Okuma Corporation in Japan, to master the intricacies of the revolutionary OSP-P500 controller. This endeavour not only demonstrates Okuma’s dedication to employee skills development but also showcases the collaboration between Okuma Australia and NZ and our parent company, Okuma Corporation Japan.

At Okuma Australia and New Zealand, the commitment to nurturing and expanding the skills and job satisfaction of team members is not merely a corporate responsibility; it aligns with our Monozukuri philosophy – the art of making things better. This philosophy overarches Okuma's culture, fostering a sense of pride that is shared by all its team members. It's a commitment to the pursuit of excellence, a commitment that filters through every aspect of their work. 

Okuma Australia & New Zealand have placed particular emphasis on each team member’s training program.  A significant aspect of this initiative is the opportunity for all team members to visit our parent company, Okuma Corporation Japan.

These visits aren't just trips; they're journeys of growth and enlightenment. They provide a first-hand look at our parent company's operations, exposing our team to cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and the spirit of excellence that has made Okuma a global leader in the manufacturing industry.
"Our commitment to excellence goes beyond borders. At Okuma Australia & New Zealand, we place a strong emphasis on training, creating an environment where learning and growth are celebrated. A significant part of this initiative is the opportunity for all team members to visit our parent company, Okuma Corporation Japan. This experience not only enriches our knowledge but also strengthens the bonds that make us a truly globally connected business," commented Dean McCarroll, Managing Director, Okuma Australia & New Zealand.
Okuma's OSP-P500: A Leap Towards Sustainable Process Integration 

The new OSP-P500 controller represents a revolutionary step forward, not just for Okuma but for the manufacturing industry as a whole. 

The Okuma OSP-P500 is a next-generation CNC control designed for industries requiring high-speed, accurate machining, intuitive smart operations, and robust security.
Greater Processing Power: Using increased processing power, the OSP-P500 can simultaneously run multiple intelligent technologies, monitoring systems, and more to improve machining performance, accuracy, and cycle times. 

Simple and Secure Operation: The sleek, user-friendly interface was designed to be familiar and straightforward to beginners and experts alike. Setup, safety verifications, programming, and inspections can be conducted directly on the OSP-P500. 

Smart and Green Machining: Built-in technologies allow for maximum machining while reducing energy consumption. Shorter warmup, optimized cutting, utility cost savings, and on demand metrics provide a window into efficient operations. 
"The introduction of the OSP-P500 controller marks a ground-breaking advancement for the manufacturing industry. This exposure to the latest cutting edge technologies empowers our team members to assist our customers achieve best practices and excellence", said Karl Corry, National Technology Manager, Okuma Australia.
The Okuma Applications Team's journey is a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to progress and the pursuit of excellence. It is a reminder that the path to success is paved with continuous learning, growth, and the shared commitment to making things better. With the OSP-P500 controller leading the way, Okuma is not only shaping its future but also contributing to the evolution of the manufacturing industry.